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What is Indiana Known For?


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Jan 13, 2024
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If you've ever wondered to yourself, "What is Indiana known for?" you've come to the right place. Learn more about the thriving economy, breathtaking natural landscapes, mouthwatering cuisine, rich cultural tapestry and lively entertainment scene that make Indianans love the Hoosier State. Whether you rent an Indianapolis apartment or a rental house in Bloomington, Indiana might be the right home for you if what you read below sounds appealing.


Indiana offers more than just charm and opportunity; it provides relatively affordable housing options that make settling down here a practical choice. With a median home price below the national average and a diverse range of housing styles to suit every taste and budget, owning a piece of the Hoosier State is within reach for many.

Additionally, rental prices in Indiana are notably lower than in many metropolitan areas, with average rents for a one-bedroom apartment ranging from $1,100 to $1,400 per month, depending on the location and number of bedrooms. Whether you're dreaming of a cozy bungalow or a spacious suburban home, Indiana offers reasonable options that ensure your dream lifestyle doesn't break the bank.

Find meaningful work​

At the heart of Indiana's allure lies its robust economy, deeply rooted in diverse industries. From the iconic manufacturing sector, where giants like General Motors and Subaru thrive, to the burgeoning healthcare industry, anchored by esteemed institutions such as Indiana University Health and the Mayo Clinic Care Network, job opportunities abound.

Moreover, the state's prestigious educational institutions like Purdue University and Indiana University fuel innovation, attracting talent and creating meaningful work. Entrepreneurs find fertile ground in Indiana's business-friendly environment, supported by numerous initiatives and incubation programs, driving economic growth and job creation statewide.

Explore the great outdoors​

Indiana's natural splendor offers endless opportunities for exploration and adventure. Delight in the towering sand dunes and pristine beaches of Indiana Dunes National Park, nestled along the shores of Lake Michigan. Lose yourself in the tranquil beauty of Hoosier National Forest, spanning over 200,000 acres and teeming with hiking trails, campgrounds and wildlife.

Eat delicious food​

Indiana's food scene is a delight, with specialties like the Hoosier tenderloin sandwich and sugar cream pie. Indulge in farm-to-table freshness at local farmers markets across the state.

Explore diverse culture​

Experience the Amish way of life in communities like Shipshewana, or immerse yourself in artistic havens like Bloomington and Nashville. Bloomington and Nashville, IN, are where galleries, studios and theaters flourish, showcasing the creative pulse that beats within the state.

Plus, you can delve into history at the Indiana University Art Museum in Bloomington, home to a diverse collection spanning centuries and continents, or wander through Brown County, the "Art Colony of the Midwest," where artists and enthusiasts alike find inspiration in its scenic beauty.

Enjoy entertainment galore​

From music legends like Michael Jackson to the vibrant arts scene and lively festivals, Indiana offers endless entertainment options for all. And for adrenaline junkies, the legendary Indianapolis Motor Speedway, home to the world-famous Indianapolis 500, promises an electrifying experience like no other.

Discover the charm of Indiana from your own home​

Step beyond the ordinary and uncover the richness and diversity of the heartland. Find your Indiana apartments here first.

The rent information included in this article is used for illustrative purposes only. The data contained herein do not constitute financial advice or a pricing guarantee for any apartment.​

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