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Slain Surrey woman’s cousin to speak with premier, pushes for bail review

The cousin of a B.C. woman killed in an apparently random home invasion says she will be speaking about the case with B.C. Premier David Eby on Wednesday.

Tori Dunn’s family is also spearheading a petition calling for a comprehensive review of the legal system’s decisions and procedures in the run-up to her murder.

Click to play video: 'Ontario man  with violent past charged with murder in Tori Dunn homicide in Surrey'

Ontario man with violent past charged with murder in Tori Dunn homicide in Surrey

Dunn, 30, was fatally stabbed in her Surrey home on June 16, not long after returning home from a birthday party for her husband.

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The man charged with her murder, Adam Mann, was on probation for prior crimes and on bail for robbery charges at the time.

“It doesn’t make sense to me that this man was just out in the public, this was an opportunity for him. It doesn’t feel safe for the rest of us. Even myself, I am triple-checking the doors every night,” Chasity Dunn said.

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“She was a woman in her own home minding her own business with her partner and her dog there … It shouldn’t have happened and it shouldn’t have been allowed to happen.”

Earlier this week, B.C. Premier David Eby spoke about the killing, saying it “never should have happened.”

Click to play video: 'New details emerge in killing of Tori Dunn'

New details emerge in killing of Tori Dunn

Eby’s government was among the most vocal in pressing the federal government for changes to the criminal code toughing bail rules.

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Those changes, implemented in 2023, require violent offenders to prove why they should be granted bail.

“We were successful in getting those rules changed and they should have prevented this from happening to the Dunn family,” Eby said.

“Understanding why it didn’t work in the Dunn case will help us protect other families going forward.”

Chasity said the family hasn’t heard anything from official sources about what went wrong.

Click to play video: 'Tori Dunn homicide surveillance video'

Tori Dunn homicide surveillance video

She said that’s why the family wants to see a formal investigation.

“We want to know if there was a mistake made, is that why this gentleman was released, or was this policy?”

Eby has already contacted Tori’s father.

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Chasity said she intends to ask the premier where he thinks accountability lies.

“I am hoping to lean on him a little bit to see where he feels we should be pushing,” she said.

“He has already kind of said how he feels about this, but as a family we’re not lawyers, we’re not part of the legal system, we are not politicians we are just real sad and angry.”

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