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Top 10 Arsenal Players of the 2023-24 Season

The season has come to an end, which can only mean one thing: it’s time to judge the Gunners’ performance. Today, we take a closer look and rate the top 10 Arsenal players of the 2023-24 season

10. David Raya

The Spanish goalkeeper came in as an alternative to Ramsdale – who had been multiplying his mistakes. While Raya is not entirely blameless and has committed errors, he has, overall, secured the net and prevented many goals. 

Given the shift in environments, it is impressive that Raya quickly adapted to his new team. Goalkeepers rarely face such intense competition – but in Arteta’s world, Raya had to battle against Ramsdale – and he won the right to start.

9. Gabriel Magalhães

The Brazilian defender was often criticised in the past for his lack of tact, relying on his instincts as a defender. This can be dangerous, especially at the elite level, where distractions are plentiful. 

However, he has been steadied by the calmness of his partner, Saliba. And as such, they have created a great balance in the backline. This also explains why he has started thirty-six games throughout the season, consistently delivering solid performances. 

While he remains imperfect, he has improved and reduced his errors. Gabriel’s physicality is a true asset, which allows him to defend well against pacy attackers.

8. Leandro Trossard 

This is perhaps another unexpected name. Rarely mentioned, the Belgian forward has been securing solid performances and scoring crucial goals. He may not be the shiniest player, but he quickly adapted to the team. 

Initially not seen as a priority, he has proven to be a continuous goal threat due to his straightforward gameplay. 

No Gunner would complain about his performances despite him sharing game time with Martinelli. His runs in behind the defence, and excellent positioning make him an outstanding threat in front of the goal. 

7. Benjamin White

Benjamin White might have gone under the radar, but his performances have been synonymous with tidy play. He has often shut down opposing wingers on the right flank while offering valuable interactions going forward. 

He is the reliable 7/10 player who is not often talked about but whose absence is immediately noticeable. He is the perfect player for Arteta – athletic yet incredibly smart in his anticipation in his defensive anticipation.

6. Gabriel Martinelli

He might not always play, but when he does, it is noticeable. While he still struggles with consistency, the Brazilian forward has a true eye for the goal – and his unorthodox body orientation makes him an unpredictable forward when dribbling against opponents. 

His ball-striking technique is a great asset, though still underutilized. Although he is still only 22 years old, he managed to score six goals and deliver four assists in 35 games. 

The stats might not be impressive, but he is still developing. It is hard to complain about his performance because he is not the main player. Martinelli often forces imbalances, working to Arsenal’s advantage.

5. William Saliba

If there is a star that changed the fate of Arsenal’s defense, it is none other than William Saliba. He is the author of flawless performances, extinguishing threats before they can even develop.

For a long time, the Gunners lacked a top-class center-back (with Tomiyasu being the closest). Saliba is among the best defenders of the season thanks to his excellent anticipation. 

There is no doubt that without him, things would have been much worse. Arteta built an excellent team defensively – and Saliba is one of the pillars in that aspect.

4. Kai Havertz

Havertz might not be everyone’s favourite, but he is a player who cannot be omitted from the leaderboards. The German arrived from Chelsea and initially faced skepticism, largely due to his unique profile that doesn’t fit a specific position. 

Arteta tried him as a left midfielder in the early months of his arrival, but it did not work out. However, the Spaniard reshuffled his tactics and found that Havertz excels as a number 9, leveraging his height and natural physique. 

He often dominates his duels in the penalty box, making a significant impact. He might have come as a surprise signing and might not have been the priority, but he’s here to stay – as a star.

3. Martin Ødegaard

There are not many players like Martin Ødegaard – a consistent chance creator. The £50 million invested in him when he was purchased from Real Sociedad after a fruitful loan stirred debates in the Arsenal community, but today, he’s a Gunner to everyone’s satisfaction.

The Norwegian outclasses any other chance creator, often delivering the final pass with precision, and he still has not reached his full potential. Ødegaard has scored eight goals and, more importantly, assisted ten times throughout the season. 

A game without the Norwegian midfielder often feels dull due to the spark of creativity he brings to the table. Consistent and excellent – this is the average Ødegaard performance in 23/24.

2. Declan Rice

When a club invests £90 million, there is no doubt that the investment should bring returns. Brought from West Ham, Rice quickly adapted to life at the Emirates. Arsenal urgently needed a solid anchor at the heart of the midfield, as the unreliable Thomas Partey was often injured and, when available, did not provide the firmness required. 

Rice, alongside Rodri, is undoubtedly one of the best midfielders in the Premier League in that role. A major reason why Arsenal improved during the last season is the presence of Rice. 

The Englishman is calm and composed and does not rush into duels. Furthermore, he rarely loses the ball and plays a crucial role in building up play to the final third.

1. Buyako Saka

Arsenal’s wonder child, Bukayo Saka, is a gift that keeps on giving. The Englishman is the motor of Arsenal’s attacks, having played thirty-five games this season. During this time, he scored on sixteen occasions and provided nine assists. 

He’s an attacker who continually develops his skills and is the main anchor of the team when going forward. Often, pictures show Saka facing defenses with two or even three players lining up against him alone, highlighting his importance. It has become impossible to think about an Arsenal forward trio without Saka. 

His performances are no surprise, but he keeps expanding his skillset at an impressive speed.

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