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6 best swimming goggles to keep your eyes safe

Do you love swimming during summer for a refreshing feel? Read on to find the best swimming goggles to keep your eyes protected while swimming.

Do you struggle with blurry vision while swimming? Pool water contains chlorine and other chemicals that can irritate the eyes, and cause redness, burning, itching and watering. Chemicals may lead to swollen corneas, which can make your vision blurry while swimming. This can impact your performance and swimming experience. Using swimming goggles can be an effective solution to protect your eyes against germs, and infections and may even strengthen the natural defense mechanism of your eyes. Swimming goggles feature UV protection and anti-fog coating to improve your visibility and keep your eyes protection from sun damage. So, we have curated a list of the best swimming goggles that you may try to reduce any eye health risks while enjoying the fun physical activity.

6 best swimming goggles

Before you lock your swimming time to feel refreshed, spare a thought for protecting your eyes! Check out this list of the best swimming goggles in India:

1. Speedo Unisex Adult Aquapulse Pro Smoke-Lens Swim Goggles

Experience unmatched clarity while swimming with the best swimming glasses. This unisex goggle from Speedo comes with an IQfit strap, which features a patented tensioning scale. The 3D goggle seal of this product makes it leak-free, secure fit and may also reduce the marks around the eyes. It features a double silicone head strap with a speckled effect. The smoke lenses of these goggles, which are anti-fog coated, promise to provide protection from direct sunlight and bright conditions.

2. Cockatoo Stylish Sports Goggles

Dive into adventure with confidence by using the best pool goggles. The Cockatoo goggles are formulated with a blend of PC, PVC and rubber materials, which makes them durable, comfortable and high-performance. The anti-fog technology of these goggles may provide a clear and protected swimming experience. Featuring a UV shield, it can protect your eyes against sunshine. The brand states that this goggle is equipped with earplugs and nose plugs to offer you a comprehensive and comfortable swimming experience. It features PC lenses, is fully adjustable with a button mechanism, can block harmful rays and offers 180-degree wide vision.

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3. PRIME DEALS Premium Big Frame Competition Swim Goggles

Do you experience eye irritation after swimming? If yes try the best water goggles. The PRIME DEALS Premium Big Frame Competition Swim Goggles are anti-fog coated by the latest environmental treatment technology. It may enhance the anti-fog ability of the goggles. The outer surface of lenses is coated to enable the lenses to filter harmful rays and protect your eyes from heat and damage from sun rays. It features premium silicone material to make it leak-free and comfortable. The neoprene strap and flexible silicone frame may provide a soft touch.

4. Boldfit Swimming Goggles

Turn your swimtime into fun with the Boldfit Swimming Goggles. Designed for adults, these goggles use soft silicone gaskets to create a leak-proof seal, watertight seal and minimise the pressure on your eyes. It features adjustable straps to help you customise the fit as per your needs. The sleek design of these goggles can enhance your performance and add a touch of style to your swim ensemble. It promises to help you enjoy long hours in the sun without fearing eye damage as it features UV-protected lenses. The anti-fog technology can help to keep the fog at bay and ensure clear vision.

5. SLOVIC Black Swimming Goggles

Don’t allow blurry vision to disrupt your swimming session. Use SLOVIC Black Swimming Goggles as they feature anti-fog lenses for clear vision. It also features easy adjust buttons to adjust the goggles as per your need and comfort. The straps are designed to make them tangle-free. They promise to enable you to see underwater and provide UV protection.

6. Speedo Women’s Biofuse 2.0 Tint-Lens

Speedo Women’s Biofuse 2.0 Tint-Lens offers a super-soft, flexible seal. It uses biofuel technology to provide cushioned comfort. These swimming goggles for women come with flexible external frames to fit your face comfortably. The rigid internal frame of these goggles may provide stability during strokes.

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What are the benefits of using swimming glasses?

  • Provides clear vision: Swimming glasses are anti-fog coated, which can help to keep the fog away and provide clear vision. They can prevent chlorine and saltwater from irritating your eyes, thus helping you see clearly underwater. By creating a watertight seal around your eyes, goggles can keep water out, thus allowing you to see clearly.
  • Promotes UV protection: Most swimming goggles offer UV protection, thus shielding your eyes from harmful UV rays that can damage your vision. They act as a barrier, shield your eyes from irritants and reduce the risk of sun-related eye damage.
  • Reduces glare: Tinted or mirror lenses may help to minimise glare and allow you to see clearly.
  • Improves performance: These goggles may help improve your vision underwater, reduce drag in the water and enhance your swimming efficiency. They may help you to focus on your movements without worrying about discomfort or impaired vision. Whether you are racing or enjoying a leisurely swim, goggles can elevate your experience.
  • Provides corrective options: For swimmers who require vision correction, swimming glasses may be helpful as they feature built-in corrective lenses or interchangeable prescription lenses.

How to choose the best swimming goggles?

Here is a guide to choosing the right swimming goggles for you:

  • Fit: Pay attention to the fit of the goggles if you are a casual swimmer. Look for products that come with soft, silicone eye cups to create a watertight seal without leaving any marks.
  • Straps: Make sure that the goggles feature adjustable straps and interchangeable nose bridges. It can help you customise the fit as per your needs.
  • Lens: Go for clear lenses for indoor or low-light environments. Choose mirrored or tinted lenses for UV protection and to reduce the glare while swimming. You can also choose polarised lenses to minimise the glare.
  • Anti-fog technology: For competitive swimmers, anti-fog coating is essential. So, make sure that the goggles feature anti-fog technology as it will eliminate fog that can create blurry vision.
  • Safety: Opt for bright-coloured goggles to enhance the visibility of boats, and jet skis and enhance your safety.

    Types of swimming goggles

    1. Recreational goggles

    Perfect for casual swimmers or beginners, recreational goggles offer basic eye protection. They are comfortable to wear, feature adjustable straps and come in various colours and styles.

    2. Training goggles

    These goggles are specially designed for serious swimmers. They are durable and feature a more secure fit to prevent leakage. These goggles also feature anti-fog coating and UV protection to ensure clear vision and eye safety.

    3. Racing goggles

    These goggles are suitable for competitive swimmers. They have mirrored or tinted lenses to reduce glare and improve visibility in outdoor pools.

    4. Open water goggles

    For open water swimmers, these goggles are best as they prioritise visibility and comfort over speed. They have wider lenses for a broader field of vision, and polarised lenses to reduce glare.

    How to protect your eyes while swimming?

The American Academy of Ophthalmology recommends a few tips to protect your eyes while swimming:

  • Use a pair of swimming goggles every time you swim. It can help to keep your eyes protected from pool chemicals and keep your tear film healthy.
  • Wash your eyes with fresh water immediately after swimming. It can help you wash off chlorine and other chemicals.
  • You should also use eye drops before and after swimming to keep the tear film balanced.
  • If you have dry eyes, use gel tears before wearing the goggles to protect your tear film.
  • Keep yourself hydrated as it can help to keep your eyes moist and comfortable.

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Add your favourite swimming goggles to the cart and enjoy an enriching swim time.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

  • What are the health benefits of swimming?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that two and half hours of swimming per week reduces osteoarthritis pain, decreases anxiety, improves your mood, maintains bone health and improves the quality of your life. It can also help build endurance, and muscle strength and improve cardiovascular fitness. Regular swimming can aid in weight management, tone your muscles and keep your lungs healthy.

  • Are there any side effects of wearing swimming goggles?

The normal intraocular pressure ranges between 11 and 21 mmHg. A study published in the Current Eye Research states that swimming goggles can lead to intraocular pressure elevation. It can also reduce central corneal thickness.

  • How do I keep my swimming goggles clear?

Choose goggles that fit you comfortably and make sure to not touch the lenses frequently as it may cause damage to the anti-fog coating. Wash your goggles after every swimming session with lukewarm water to remove chlorine and other harmful chemicals as they may shorten the lifespan of the product. Don’t use detergents or soaps for cleaning your goggles and make sure to air dry them. Then, store your goggles in a protective pouch to avoid scratches and enhance their shelf life.

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