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Al-Ahly CAF Champions League Dominance

One of the most prominent teams in Africa, Al-Ahly is deservedly a top-notch club with many titles and supporters. They have made it possible to continue their dominance not only in the Egyptian Premier League but also in the CAF. In our article, we will discuss Al-Ahly’s superiority on both fronts.

Incredible Stats – Undisputed Champions

Al-Ahly holds the record for most CAF Champions League titles, which they won 11 times. This statistic alone positions them as the dominant force in African club football. 

Added to that, they’ve reached the final four times in the last four editions, winning twice and only falling short once in the 2021-2022 season. These stats can be compared to Real Madrid who have been back-to-back champions in recent years. 

Playing Style and Tactics

Al-Ahly’s playing style and tactics make them an all-around team. The Egyptians are defensively sound and possess a powerful attack, which is something you won’t frequently see from African clubs.

That’s why their tactics are sometimes unpredictable for their opponents. They have the pace and agility to handle the opposing sides really well. 

Key Players

Thanks to their players, Al-Ahly has maintained its stability and form. The club’s core has remained the same for years now. To mention a few of them, we can start with captain Mohamed El Shenawy. His goalkeeping has been tremendous so far for both the club and the national team.

Ramy Rabia, Aliou Dieng, Mohamed Hany, Ali Maaloul and Amr El Solia have also contributed immensely to the club’s success. They equally created a powerhouse in the defence and midfield, making things easier for the attackers. 

The Role of the Managers

The manager’s role shouldn’t be overlooked. Each manager shapes the team’s strategy and instills a winning mentality. That’s why having a decent manager is a must. 

The most successful one has been South African Pitso Mosimane, who won two CAF titles with Al-Ahly in two years. Since 2022, they have been coached by Marcel Koller, whose unusual approach to the game also brought numerous titles to the team, including a CAF trophy.

Financial Capabilities of Al-Ahly

Al-Ahly is one of the wealthiest teams in Africa, and that is certainly a massive advantage over other clubs. Mahmoud El Khatib is the current chairman of the club. The club has decent facilities, and when it comes to modern football, money always plays a huge role – especially when purchasing quality players. 

Is the Competition Strong at the Domestic Level?

Al-Ahly has been a dominant force at the domestic level, winning 43 trophies, and no other team is even close to that result. The only contenders who have pushed them to their limits were Zamalek. They won back-to-back titles in 2020-2021 and 2021-2022. Otherwise, we have seen complete domination from the Red Giant. 

It seems unlikely that someone will hamper Al-Ahly from winning more titles at the domestic level. The rivalry is poor when we have a look at other clubs Furthermore, they are always favourites in CAF, which gives them even more chances to constantly win the local championship. 

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