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All the winners of the British Mortgage Awards 2024

All the winners of the British Mortgage Awards 2024

The British Mortgage Awards took place at the Park Plaza in London yesterday, with broker, lender and business leader awards given.

Congratulations to all of the broker, lender and business leader winners of the British Mortgage Awards 2024.


Broker: Administrator supported by Pepper Money

Bobbie Carter, L&C Mortgages

Winner’s comments: A clear problem solver. In her day job, she delivers fantastic results across all measures, but also goes above and beyond to help the wider team deliver great customer outcomes.


Business Leader: Broker (fewer than 10 advisers) supported by Accord Mortgages

Sharon Duckworth, Key Mortgage Advice

Winner’s comments: A driven leader who delivers impressive results and who is a trailblazer for inspiring more successful women into the industry.


Broker: Rising Star – Distributor supported by Coventry for Intermediaries

Hollie Stinson, Alexander Hall Associates

Winner’s comments: She has a thorough appreciation and understanding of Consumer Duty, vulnerable customers and delivering the best outcome for the client. She evidenced her achievements competently and showed great passion for the industry.


Lender: Rising Star – Product Provider supported by L&C Mortgages

Tina Cooper, Lloyds Banking Group

Winner’s comments: This category was very close and the judges deliberated for some time to find their overall winner. Tina’s own experiences have pushed her along in her mission to make a difference to the UK housing market. Her enthusiasm and authenticity really shone through in her interview.


Business Leader: Conveyancer supported by Coadjute

Doug Crawford, Simply Conveyancing

Winner’s comments: This winner was very impressive and clearly brought scale in what he is delivering. One judge remarked, he was ‘doing the doing’ and delivering benefits across the industry.


Broker: Later Life Lending supported by Family Building Society

Darren Johncock, LDN Finance

Winner’s comments: His passion for education is an example to the industry. He has genuine care for the customer and the judges would want him in front of a family member.


Business Leader: Broker (11 to 50 advisers) supported by NatWest

Andrew Montlake, Coreco

Winner’s comments: The judges felt that this winner was a champion for the future. He wears his heart on his sleeve and they questioned where he manages to find the time to do all of the things he does. His commitment to the industry is second to none and he epitomises his company’s culture and values.


Broker: Complex Credit supported by Bank of Ireland for Intermediaries

Ceri Evans, Remoo Mortgages

Winner’s comments: Our winner demonstrated a broad knowledge from a broad lender base. He clearly knew how to manage customer expectations, particularly those who display signs of vulnerability, ensuring they are well-informed and understand all the options available to them.


Business Leader: Surveyor supported by Nottingham Building Society

Matthew Cumber, Countrywide Surveying Services

Winner’s comments: The judges mentioned that this candidate showed a strong passion for leading the business and genuinely striving to make a difference to their customers.


Lender: Telephony Relationship Manager supported by Just Mortgages

Megan Davies, HSBC UK

Winner’s comments: This was a very close category and all candidates clearly had a huge pride in what they do. It was, however, obvious that Megan had unbridled passion for her role and first-class relationships with her brokers.


Business Leader: Specialist Distribution supported by OSB Group

Craig Hall, LSL Financial Services

Winner’s comments: A leader who is very focused on the customer and who has a clear vision to collaborate with and influence the wider market to promote and develop the new-build sector for the benefit of all.


Broker: General Insurance supported by Uinsure

Sarah-Jane Ashdown, Just Mortgages

Winner’s comments: An impressive winner who has produced amazing figures and is clearly passionate about delivering the right customer outcomes.


Business Leader: Protection or General Insurance Provider supported by AMI

Louise Colley, Zurich

Winner’s comments: A really energetic leader who demonstrates phenomenal determination to lead change within their business and the wider market. A true force of nature.


Broker: Protection supported by HSBC Life

Sam Salim, Alexander Hall Associates

Winner’s comments: Passionate, articulate and professional was how the judges described Sam. Someone who clearly knows their subject and does not stop short of giving clients the best protection solutions.


Lender: Head of Sales or National Accounts supported by PRIMIS Mortgage Network

Amanda Bryden, Halifax Intermediaries

Winner’s comments:An outstanding individual who has the tenacity to instigate change for the enhancement of the lender/adviser relationship. Her leadership ensures that her teams are always adding value to drive better customer outcomes.


Lender: Business Development supported by Alexander Hall Associates

Liz Yiangou, Barclays

Winner’s comments: This winner gave the judges goosebumps. She clearly always wants to do the best for her brokers and others. She has a desire to influence and act as an inspiration to other females within the industry. Her passion was second to none and her focus on D&l and spreading awareness was key.


Broker: First-time Buyer supported by Skipton Building Society for Intermediaries

Sonya Matharu, The Mortgage Mum

Winner’s comments: The winner’s devotion to this sector was encapsulated in the following statement. “First-time buyers are the beginning of the lifecycle. They are often misunderstood, so it is vital to provide them a safe space for advice and comfort to help them take their first step onto the property ladder.”


Business Leader: Development & Innovation Advocate supported by Mortgage Brain

Claire Cherrington, Lloyds Banking Group

Winner’s comments: A leader with a clear vision and sense of purpose of how her success can positively influence the wider market. She is an empowering leader who develops and inspires their teams to flourish.


Broker: New Build supported by Barclays

Scott Richford, Mortgage Advice Bureau

Winner’s comments: Very client-focused. Impressive depth of knowledge of all available schemes and an acute understanding of what changes could improve the new-build market.


Business Leader: Broker (over 51 advisers) supported by HSBC UK

Peter Brodnicki, Mortgage Advice Bureau

Winner’s comments: The judges remarked that this winner waits for nothing to come to him, as he will always get it himself. He is relentless with his evolution programme and continually looks forward. His impact on the market outside of his firm was clear and his knowledge was second to none.


Lender: Operations/Credit Risk supported by Phoebus

Derek Burt, Lloyds Banking Group

Winner’s comments: Our winner made it clear he would not ‘settle’ in his role. He was hugely knowledgeable, and his passion was clear. The importance he placed on supporting both the broker and the customer was obvious.


Business Leader: Intermediary Lender (less than £5bn gross lending p.a.) supported by Stonebridge

Charles Morley, Metro Bank

Winner’s comments: Charles led the business in an extremely challenging time with genuine empathy, enthusiasm and passion – with a smile on his face throughout.


Business Leader: Mortgage Club supported by BM Solutions

Alex Beavis, PMS

Winner’s comments: A very closely run contest; judges deliberated for a long time. Our winner demonstrated a personal impact on a number of successful achievements for the club and has taken it in a clear direction over the past 12 months.


Broker: Buy to Let supported by Mortgage Solutions

David Gissing, LDN Finance

Winner’s comments: David understands the value in building relationships with lenders to help clients and has a deep understanding of criteria. An all-round professional approach to advising clients for best outcomes.


Business Leader: Network supported by Halifax Intermediaries

Vikki Jefferies, PRIMIS Mortgage Network

Winner’s comments: The winner ultimately stood out due to not only impressive leadership within the business but wider market influence and impact.


Broker: Large Loans supported by Coutts

Sy Nathan, Dynamo

Winner’s comments: It was a really close contest between two of the finalists, but Sy’s hunger and passion shone through, with an impressive commercial performance, and strong relationships with multiple lenders and banks.


Business Leader: Intermediary Lender (£5bn or more gross lending p.a.) supported by Mortgage Advice Bureau

Charlotte Harrison, Skipton Building Society for Intermediaries

Winner’s comments: She demonstrated impressive individual leadership characteristics, championing genuine innovation for the benefit of the market and demonstrating empathy to every member of the business.


Broker: Overall supported by NatWest

Kirsty Dudek, Lavender Mortgages

Winner’s comments: Customer-centric, team-focused and a key part of the local community, Kirsty is always adapting and navigating their business into an impressive position, even at a challenging time.


Bharat Sagar Lifetime Achievement supported by One Mortgage System

Alison Pallett, The Nottingham for Intermediaries

Winner’s comments: The recipient of this year’s Lifetime Achievement Award started their career in mortgages in the early nineties as an in-branch financial adviser in a building society.

Their talent, drive and determination were quickly spotted, and they were promoted to branch manager within a year.

In 1997, Alison was appointed to a national sales role and started forging relationships that have both endured and developed in her long career.

During 25 years with the same lender, she had a variety of roles that gave her experience of a broad range of disciplines including underwriting, product design and sales and marketing. It was therefore no surprise that she progressed to managing director of consumer lending and then director of sales, a role in which she brought the lender back into the intermediary market after a period on the side lines, following the credit crunch.

In 2019, Alison moved to a start-up in a specialist part of the mortgage industry – later life lending. Helping the new lender establish an intermediary footprint from scratch, developing and delivering the sales strategy and in the process becoming a respected voice in the field.

After three-and-a-half years, Alison moved back to the mutual world, joining a regional building society under a dynamic new CEO, with a remit to power up and professionalise the sales effort and lead the society into new areas and widen and deepen key relationships.

Arguably the only questionable thing about Alison is her golf handicap, as she is not just respected, but deeply loved by many people in the market. She has been a mentor to many of the current industry leaders. Known not to shy away from difficult conversations, she has been a long-term supporter of DE&I in every role she has worked.

Alison is not just a good egg; she is a great egg. Her influence on those she has encountered in her time is best described as considerable, considerate and constructive.

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