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New Music Friday: 6 releases you should know about (05 July 2024)

Because of our Canada Day holiday on Monday, the July 4th holiday in America–a four-day weekend for some–and the UK’s recovery from Glastonbury, there are fewer releases than normal. Still, New Music Friday soldiers ahead.


1. Halestorm and I Prevail, Can You See Me in the Dark (Atlantic)

With a joint co-headlinging tour about to start, it seemed like a good idea for these two groups to get together on a song that they can perform together during the road trip. Sadly the only Canadian date will be in Toronto on July 18.

2. Judah and the Lion, Long Dark Night (Cletus the Van)

Not so much a new release as a reserving of this single to radio. That happens when a track begins to catch fire on a critical mass of stations. By putting it out again, the band/label hopes that everyone else will get on board.

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3. The Last Dinner Party, Sinner (Island/Universal)

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Another radio re-service. The band/label also wants everyone to know that The Last Dinner Party has begun writing material for their second album. Anyone else think of ABBA when you hear this one?


1. Kasabian, Happenings (Columbia UK)

Kasbian (the British band named after one of the women in Charles Manson’s Family) are now up to their eighth album, a record with zero fat. Ten songs are over in 28 minutes flat. No song is longer than 3:10.

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Blush Response, Sprawl (Artofact)

Points to anyone who recognizes the reference to Blade Runner with this name–and a nice play on the fact the group is a vehicle for Joey Blush, a Cuban-American musician. Like the more atmospheric side of Nine Inch Nails? This will work for you.

3. Bernard Butler, Good Grief (355 Recordings)

Britpop fans will know Butler as the former guitarist in Suede. He’s been AWOL when it comes to solo work–it’s been 25 years since he released a record–so it’ll be interesting to see how his music has evolved in the interim.


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