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Pepper Money brings out ‘paperless’ second charge application journey

Pepper Money brings out ‘paperless’ second charge application journey

Specialist lender Pepper Money has made “significant enhancements” to its second charge application journey, so it is now paperless.

The changes to Pepper Money’s second charge application journey are in response to direct feedback from customers and partners.

In the previous second charge application journey, customers had to print, complete, sign and return an application form and income and expenditure form upon submission, which “created delays”.

The lender has replaced the application and income and expenditure form with an application summary and application declaration, so it is no longer necessary to require customers to sign and return documents prior to offer.

Ryan McGrath (pictured), second charge sales director at Pepper Money, said: “At Pepper Money, we’re committed to continuously improving our processes to better serve our customers – and this launch is a significant leap forward in that journey.

“These enhancements are designed to make the process as simple and stress-free as possible. By reducing the amount of paperwork and automating key steps, we can provide a more efficient and user-friendly experience.”

He added: “For brokers, once you have completed the online application, there’s nothing for you to do. After an initial phone call, as long as we hold your customers’ email addresses and telephone numbers, they will automatically be sent everything they need securely via DocuSign.

“These changes reflect our dedication to meeting the needs of brokers and customers – ensuring that everyone has the best possible experience with Pepper Money.”

Pepper Money has recently made changes to its second charge application journey by widening self-employed criteria, adding payout before consent and bringing out e-signatures.

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