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RSA and NIG integration update

Authored by NIG

As we continue the integration of NIG and RSA, we’ve done our best to minimise any disruption to service and keep your day-to-day trading activities as consistent as possible.  This communication seeks to clarify any upcoming changes to the ways in which we trade with you and illustrates the timeline for New Business and Renewals transferring to RSA.

Policy Migration Timeline*


New Business and Renewal Effective Date

eTrade Packages


Farmweb (Motor and Combined (eTrade))


Delegated Schemes


Commercial Combined


Motor Fleet


Premier Property Owners


Motor Trade


Commercial Van [ex CDL]


Commercial Van [via CDL]


*There are some Property Owners and Commercial Combined policies that sit outside of this timeline.  In the event that you have customers impacted by this, we will have written to you separately regarding their treatment.


To provide stability and transparency, standard commissions will remain unchanged for the remainder of 2024 and all other Remuneration Agreements will run to their contractual term. 


As renewals and new business start to be written on RSA paper, you will receive one statement from RSA which will include all transactions.  In addition, you will make just one payment to cover all items on your RSA statements using the existing RSA bank account details.  If you don’t already have a relationship with RSA, you will be contacted directly to ensure you are made familiar with the RSA process.

For NIG Run Off Business you will continue to receive a statement via DLG until all outstanding items are settled and you should continue making payments via the existing DLG bank account for these transactions.  

Agency access and products

If you are a broker without an RSA agency you will soon be contacted and invited to sign an RSA TOBA.  This will afford you access to all RSA products. 

We are unable to offer Professional Indemnity cover on our e-Traded Professionals product at this time, however we are seeking a new supplier for the future. In the meantime, should this cover be required at renewal or for new business, an alternative will need to be sought.   

You may already have been advised that we will no longer be offering Legal and Helpline Cover to Commercial Van customers. This decision was driven by very low product usage, therefore should this cover be required at renewal or for new business you will need to find an alternative supplier.  If you have any questions or concerns about this, please speak to your NIG contact.

For all EDI Van business on the following trading platforms: CDL, SSP, BGL and TGSL, brokers will need to re-quote against their existing panel as they will not receive a renewal invite.

Claims will provide you and your customer with a clear claims journey depending on the policy type.  Our new IVR system will also direct you to the right place.

In order to help ensure the claims process remains smooth, we have added a prefix to all NIG policy numbers, to quickly identify the correct claims route you need. 

Your claims contacts will remain the same and can be found on the NIG and FarmWeb websites. 

Online trading

Bordereaux will now be processed by RSA offshore. Your day-to-day trading will not change, however you may be contacted by a different team or asked to liaise with them on future queries.   Full contact details will be provided.

It’s important that MTA’s and other changes are cleared on Acturis before renewal to ensure all policy renewals run as smoothly as possible.  


We want to ensure continuity, so for the time being your sales and underwriting relationships will not change.  Contact details will remain the same where possible to ensure efficient and continuous trading, and where there are changes, we will signpost these well in advance.  


Our regional footprint, which has always been fundamental to our strong broker relationships, will remain unchanged, and we will continue to have a strong presence across all key locations. Our focus is, and will continue to be, to empower our regions by giving them local underwriting authority, ensuring that our decision making is not only as quick as you need it to be but is also as close to the customer as possible.


Both brands will continue to operate alongside each other, providing existing products and services until the move to a single brand at some point next year. Whilst the brand remains the same as policies start to migrate over to be underwritten on RSA paper at renewal, brokers and customers can expect to see RSA branding and legalities on NIG and FarmWeb documentation going forward. 

As you can see, we have worked hard to ensure your trading experience remains as consistent as possible throughout and post integration. If you do have any concerns or require any more information regarding any of these topics, please reach out to your usual NIG contact who will be available to support you.

Remember you can also keep up to date with our latest Q&As here.

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